We offer the flexibility for you to choose the rental plan that best fits your needs. If you aren’t sure which plan is the best fit, please call our guest services line at 979-318-2484, and we will be glad to assist you.

1-month minimum stay
Credit card or e-check
3-month minimum stay
$2,500/year + electric
12-month minimum stay

PLEASE NOTE: The following policies apply:

  • All plans are for non-commercial use of the assigned RV site and associated property
  • All rates are based on a two guest occupancy.  Each additional guest is up-charged at 10% of the selected base rate.  For example, two additional guests at the Weekly rate would add $30 per week whereas three additional guests at the Auto-Pay rate would add $90 per month.
  • All rates include parking for one vehicle plus your RV.  Additional vehicles are $3 per day, $10 per week or $20 a month.
  • Any vehicles beyond two per pad will be required to park in the a designated overflow parking area.
  • Monthly and Auto-Pay rates include an allocation 1,000 kWh per month for electricity. Any remaining balance of a guest’s 1,000 kWh monthly electric allocation will be carried over until their departure date, at which point it will be determined if there is any overage to be retained from the security deposit. For example, if a guest stay for two months and used 800 kWh the first month and 1,200 the second month, no additional charges would be due. If the guest used 1,200 kWh both months, then a bill for 400 kWh will be charged at the actual cost rate. No refunds will be giving for remaining balances; they are carried over only for guest convenience until departure.
  • Not all plans are available at all locations and rates may be adjusted for periods of high-demand.